Paws Cam

At Little Paws N Claws we don’t just keep a close eye on your loved-ones, you can still too !

The only Cattery in Medway with our unique Paws Cam, gives you the ultimate luxury and peace-of-mind by providing you with a window into their activities whilst away from home – anytime, anywhere in the world !

Our ’state of the art’ cameras have amazing day and night High Definition video quality, so you won’t miss out on the detail or the ‘action’ !

Want to see what they were up to 30 minutes ago or whilst you were asleep?, hit playback and take a look!  Want to record that, you can do that too !

You can take a screen grab to share on social media, or record the live video stream direct to your device to view again and again, all within your control !. 

All this we provide to you included in our cat day rate*.

All you need to enjoy Paws Cam is a good stable connection to the internet. Paws Cam will work via wifi and 3/4/5g from an iPad, iPhone and most Android phones.

Just let us know you would like Paws Cam and we will provide you with the Appstore / Playstore link to the 'app' and log-in details as you check in.

*You are directly liable for any wifi and internet usage charges by your device network provider, so please check with them before logging in.

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