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Small Furry Friends

We offer VIP boarding for tortoises, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, degus and other small furry friends.

We like to spend quality time with all our boarders and ensure they have as much room as possible to graze and play around in, which is why we only have up to 6 small animal boarders at any one time


For our 4 legged friends we provide generous sized double layered housing and uninterrupted all day outside play (weather permitting) in our large (2.8) exercise runs, including fresh grass to graze on, hay, pellets, fresh fruit and veg to feast on. We also have a large paved area should the pets not tolerate grass.

Their indoor sleeping area is fully Air-Conditioned for the warmer months and heated for the cooler months.

Small furry friends day rates 2024:

Single rabbit £10

Two rabbits sharing £13

Single guinea pig £9

Two guinea pigs sharing £11

Three guinea pigs sharing £13

Tortoise £9


Other small caged pet from £8

We can provide a nail and claw clipping service for most small animals staying with us for a fee of £10.


Rabbits must be neutered and fully vaccinated against myxomatosis / VHD and VHD2 (Viral Hemorrhagic Disease). An initial payment is required for each booking along with visibility of their vaccination card.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for full requirements for boarding small animals.

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